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Rubber Washer 7
Fix Number FIX10412696
Manufacturer Part Number EE39602
This authentic OEM part has been sourced directly from Max. These washers are used to help secure and seal connections in your nail gun. Rubber washers help limit the vibration in between parts of you nail gun, and they also help reduce noise levels. Due to the various ways in which they are used we suggest you refer to model specific diagrams for appropriate uses and applications. This washer is made of rubber, and it is sold individually.
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Comp. Spring 3710
Fix Number FIX10413464
Manufacturer Part Number KK23710
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Comp. Spring 3788
Fix Number FIX10413479
Manufacturer Part Number KK23788
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Step Pin 1817
Fix Number FIX10412807
Manufacturer Part Number FF41817
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O-Ring 1Ap20
Fix Number FIX10412960
Manufacturer Part Number HH11138
This authentic OEM part has been sourced directly from Max. This replacement o-ring is used on the trigger valve assembly. Be sure to properly lubricate o-rings before you place parts back inside the nail gun. This o-ring is made of rubber so it will wear down over time and need to be replaced. This 1Ap20 o-ring is sold individually.
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Compression Spring
Fix Number FIX12043331
Manufacturer Part Number KK24182
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Receiver Spring
Fix Number FIX10412481
Manufacturer Part Number CN37383
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O-Ring 1Ap9
Fix Number FIX10412948
Manufacturer Part Number HH11113
This genuine OEM part has been sourced directly from Max. This 1Ap9 replacement o-ring is part of the trigger valve assembly. O-rings help create proper seals within the nail gun, this helps ensure the parts are function properly and maintaining pressure. O-rings are made of rubber, therefore over time the heat, friction, and dirt will wear them down, which is why it is not uncommon need replacements. This 1Ap9 o-ring is sold individually.
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Post Cap,
Fix Number FIX10412500
Manufacturer Part Number CN37428
  On Order
Fix Number FIX10412219
Manufacturer Part Number CN34714

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