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Fix Number FIX12004687
Manufacturer Part Number 90592363-01
This is an OEM 18v NiCad battery charger used in various model types, such as drills, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, etc. This part includes the charger only. When the battery is placed in the charger, a red-light indicator will come on, telling you there is a connection between the battery and charger. This light remains on while it is connected to a power source. It will not turn off, flash, or change color once the charge is complete.
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Protective Cover
Fix Number FIX10111505
Manufacturer Part Number 884443
This is a protective cover, which protects the air inlet coupler. This OEM part is sold independently. It is needed to keep dust and debris from making its way inside the nailer or stapler and contaminating the parts inside the tool. The cover should be in place over the coupling when the tool is not in use. These covers can start to break down over time, and will need to be replaced to ensure your tool is properly protected.
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Air Tool Oil (18CC)
Fix Number FIX10111477
Manufacturer Part Number 884293
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Battery Cap
Fix Number FIX9963131
Manufacturer Part Number 5102026-00
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Slide On 12 Volt Charger (Weak Batteries Will Ruin This Charger)
Fix Number FIX11928774
Manufacturer Part Number 90592360-01
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Lubricant 1Lb Can
Fix Number FIX10245513
Manufacturer Part Number 100679
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Pin- Roll
Fix Number FIX10250752
Manufacturer Part Number SC05
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Side Plate- Sc7
Fix Number FIX10248856
Manufacturer Part Number B04584F
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Fix Number FIX10250753
Manufacturer Part Number SC08
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Fix Number FIX10250755
Manufacturer Part Number SC10

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