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Cord Protector
Fix Number FIX10131782
Manufacturer Part Number 44-76-0210
This cord protector is created to slide onto your cord and fit tightly at the end to protect the base of the cord from getting damaged. If the wires are exposed it can a be a safety hazard, so make sure to replace your cord protector if damaged. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
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Carbon Brush (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX10122113
Manufacturer Part Number 22-16-0275
This is a carbon brush, it is also known as a motor brush, and it is used with various power tools and equipment. The brush transfers electric currents to the motor. Your motor brush is an extremely common replacement part. It is considered a wear part, because the constant friction will wear it down. If you are experiencing a poor running motor, you will need to replace this part. New brushes will restore your motors electric braking. We recommend also inspecting your armature for damaging cracks or burns, this can indicate a larger problem in your motor that will require attention.
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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10116907
Manufacturer Part Number 02-04-1510
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Cord Guard / Strain Reliever
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10153921
Manufacturer Part Number 682505-8
This cord guard or strain reliever prevents cord damage by covering the last portion of a cord before entering a tool. This provides extra support and rigidness. The cord fits garden and lawn equipment. With use, the cord guard can break down and your cord is left unprotected, in this case it is best to replace the guard. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions.
Installation Instructions
John from Hancock, MI
Did not come with grinding disc guard
While unit was unplugged I screwed clamp of guard around grinder. Read more...
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1/4" Steel Ball
Fix Number FIX10116748
Manufacturer Part Number 02-02-0250
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Carbon Brush Set CB-204
Fix Number FIX10156646
Manufacturer Part Number CB204
This is a set of two OEM carbon brushes with wire leads and brush springs. To ensure your motor is running efficiently, it is important to continually inspect the carbon brushes, as they are a common wear part. If they are damaged this will greatly affect the performance of the motor. If burns or cracks are present, it is advised to inspect the armature as well.
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1 Review
Fix Number FIX10123482
Manufacturer Part Number 23-66-0177
This is an OEM trigger switch with four internal terminals. The switch controls the on/off and varying speed functions. It is common for the switch of a power tool to wear and malfunction over the use of a tool and require replacement. A few signs that will indicate a replacement is need is If the tool will not turn on when you engage the switch, it requires multiple tries to turn on, or the variable speeds are not working.
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Dust Cap
Fix Number FIX10129123
Manufacturer Part Number 42-52-5262
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Snap Ring
Fix Number FIX10127145
Manufacturer Part Number 34-60-1400
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Brush Spring
Fix Number FIX10123375
Manufacturer Part Number 23-52-0160
This part includes one brush spring for a power tool. This OEM part is compatible with multiple tool-types. The brush spring is responsible for providing tension on the brush against the armature. It works with the brush and brush retaining screw, which are sold separately and should be checked for deterioration as well. Your tool has two of these springs, however they are sold independently. If the brush spring has lost its springiness, it will require replacement. To access the spring, remove the brush holder cap with a flat blade screwdriver, and then remove the spring.


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