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Sausage Plunger
Fix Number FIX10131726
Manufacturer Part Number 44-70-0375
This is a manufacturer-approved sausage plunger for a caulk and adhesive gun. This part pushes the caulk through the gun. The plunger is attached to the plunger rod and fits snuggly inside the barrel. Due to the constant rubbing against the barrel, the sausage plunger will need to be replaced over time. For this repair, start by removing the cartridge from the gun by unscrewing the cartridge from the mounting cap. Pull the cartridge away from the plunger, and remove it from the rod. The new plunger can now be installed by placing it on the rod and securing it with the screw. To complete the repair, install the barrel back onto the gun.
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Cartridge Mounting Cap
Fix Number FIX10129111
Manufacturer Part Number 42-52-0440
Designed for cordless Milwaukee Caulk and Adhesive Guns, this Cartridge Mounting Cap is an OEM approved replacement part for various models. To ensure compatibility with your tool, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The purpose of the Cartridge Mounting Cap is to secure the cartridge to the gun. It is made out of durable black plastic and has internal threads to connect it to the cartridge holder (sold separately). If the cartridge no longer stays secure on your tool during operation, it may be time to replace the Cartridge Mounting Cap. This cap has a diameter of approximately 3", and are sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX10131724
Manufacturer Part Number 44-70-0330
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Self-Locking Retaining Ring
Fix Number FIX11878393
Manufacturer Part Number 44-86-1400
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Rubber Seal
Fix Number FIX11878449
Manufacturer Part Number 45-06-0890
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Nozzle - Black
Fix Number FIX10125218
Manufacturer Part Number 31-12-0700
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Rod Handle
Fix Number FIX10125628
Manufacturer Part Number 31-44-1030
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Ring Retaining 0.8mm THK
Fix Number FIX10131977
Manufacturer Part Number 44-86-1380
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Barrel Assembly
1 Review
Fix Number FIX11877438
Manufacturer Part Number 30-06-0205
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Plunger Rod With Handle
Fix Number FIX11878423
Manufacturer Part Number 44-94-0075
Installation Instructions
Suffolk from WALTHAM, MA
Rod broke
Removed retainer clips

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