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Lower (Pipe) Jaws
Fix Number FIX10378028
Manufacturer Part Number 2904200
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Lock Nut And Bolt Assembly
Fix Number FIX10514501
Manufacturer Part Number 11104S51
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Outer Ring
Fix Number FIX10514465
Manufacturer Part Number 1011980
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Jaw Faces (4-1/2")
Fix Number FIX10225734
Manufacturer Part Number 87001S41
Installation Instructions
Orville from STANLEY, ND
My bench vise needed new jaws which were replaced by removing and replacing four allen head screws.
1. Remove four allen head screws using an allen wrench and the original broken vise jaws.
2. Install new vise jaws and replace four allen head screws using an allen wrench .
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Locking Pads
Fix Number FIX10516742
Manufacturer Part Number 9040020
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Spindle Nut
Fix Number FIX10514510
Manufacturer Part Number 11115-15
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Lock Nut And Bolt Assembly
Fix Number FIX10514900
Manufacturer Part Number 2905200
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Spindle Nut (4-1/?2" Vise)
Fix Number FIX10196466
Manufacturer Part Number 11113-15
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Swivel Base Assembly
Fix Number FIX10514911
Manufacturer Part Number 2905790
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Vise Jaw
Fix Number FIX10096834
Manufacturer Part Number 41020
This is an authentic OEM replacement part that has been sourced directly from Rigid. This vise jaw is made of metal, and it is commonly used on chain vises. Chain vises are a type of pipe vise, used for bending pipe and conduit. The vise jaw is sold individually, and the hardware required for installation is sold separately.


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