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Flat Washer
Fix Number FIX10467627
Manufacturer Part Number TS-1550031
This flat washer fits the following tools: saws, drills, planer jointers, and angle grinders. The washer helps prevent nuts and bolts from tearing or pulling through material because it creates a bearing surface. *Please note: This part is sold individually. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions. Remember to unplug or turn off power on tool before beginning this installation.
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Shuttle Valve Seal
Fix Number FIX10383032
Manufacturer Part Number AHJ12-21
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Oil Filler Plug
Fix Number FIX10386837
Manufacturer Part Number JBJ12-9
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Steel Ball M6
Fix Number FIX10395418
Manufacturer Part Number SB-6MM
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Flat Washer
Fix Number FIX10467628
Manufacturer Part Number TS-1550041
This washer fits table saws, as well as other gardening tools. This washer provides a tight seal between parts. For the accurate location and application in your specific tool, refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer. *please note: this part is sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX10386828
Manufacturer Part Number JBJ12-31
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Pump Cylinder
Fix Number FIX10383020
Manufacturer Part Number AHJ12-1
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Fix Number FIX10397061
Manufacturer Part Number TS-1540061
This is a hex nut, and it is found in different power tools and outdoor equipment. It is one of the most common types of fasteners. The hex nut can screw on to bolts or hex cap screws because it has internal threads. This nut is sold individually and is size M8. This means it is 8mm in diameter, and features a 1.25 thread pitch.
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Steel Ball
Fix Number FIX10395411
Manufacturer Part Number SB-4MM
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Hcs, 3/8-16x3 1/2, Gr8
Fix Number FIX9022408
Manufacturer Part Number 539102754


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