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Fix Number FIX10211611
Manufacturer Part Number 330005-01
Installation Instructions
Old worn cord shorting out.
Remove the four screws and carefully separate the casing at the trigger handle. Disconnect the terminals by lifting the switch slightly, just enough to remove the inside terminal. Needle nose pliers will make it easier to remove the terminals. Slip the cord protector over the new cord. Cut the two new wires to the proper length. I measured the old connectors for proper fit. Strip a half inch off the insulation, carefully crimp and solder the wires to each terminal, reconnect the terminals, reposition the cord protector, align and snap the casing back together, and replace the four screws. Plug it in and test for proper operation. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX10215587
Manufacturer Part Number 445861-25
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Fix Number FIX10215663
Manufacturer Part Number 448557-98
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Chuck Key
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Fix Number FIX10211637
Manufacturer Part Number 330034-02
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Brush Spring
Fix Number FIX10215586
Manufacturer Part Number 445860-00
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Fix Number FIX10215572
Manufacturer Part Number 445217-02
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Fix Number FIX10211638
Manufacturer Part Number 330034-03
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Fix Number FIX10208126
Manufacturer Part Number 284778-00
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Cord Set
Fix Number FIX10212667
Manufacturer Part Number 36480-98
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Washer 8Pk
Fix Number FIX10051547
Manufacturer Part Number STD551025
This is an 8 pack of flat washers and it is used for various power tools. These washers are a 1/4 inch in diameter, and made of metal. These are general use washers, and are usually positioned under a nut, or the head of a bolt.

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