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O-Ring (-008)
Fix Number FIX10299836
Manufacturer Part Number C079489
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10299731
Manufacturer Part Number A082777
This O-ring fits air tools like hammers, sander polishers, and ratchets, providing a seal for the valve. With time and use, this part can shrink, crack and become brittle. In this case, it is important to replace the O-ring to prevent air leaks. *Please note: this part is sold individually. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions and safety practices.
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Tune Up Kit
Fix Number FIX10298835
Manufacturer Part Number 8940163459
In Stock
Blade Set-Rotor (4)
Fix Number FIX10300599
Manufacturer Part Number CA144889
This is a rotor blade set for your power tool, most commonly your angle grinder. The blades attach to the rotor, and push air inside your unit. This package includes 4 compound material blades. Replacing the blades will require a set of wrenches and a pair of pliers.
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Fix Number FIX10302341
Manufacturer Part Number P083071
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Valve Seat Kit
Fix Number FIX10299062
Manufacturer Part Number 8940168368
Special Order
6" (150Mm) Pad Hook & Loop W/ Central Hole
Fix Number FIX10298832
Manufacturer Part Number 8940163456
In Stock
Blade Set Rotor (Requires 4)
Fix Number FIX10300559
Manufacturer Part Number CA144796
In Stock
Vanes (4)
Fix Number FIX10296253
Manufacturer Part Number 2050484723
In Stock
Exhaust Kit (For Nv & Cv)
Fix Number FIX10299063
Manufacturer Part Number 8940168369

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