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Fix Number FIX10180184
Manufacturer Part Number 583890-00
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Fix Number FIX10179826
Manufacturer Part Number 578387-00
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Fix Number FIX10185154
Manufacturer Part Number 871690
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Fix Number FIX10169009
Manufacturer Part Number 323489-00
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Fix Number FIX10179894
Manufacturer Part Number 579212-00
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Carbon Brush Set CB-325
Fix Number FIX10156652
Manufacturer Part Number CB325
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Ball Bearing 6302V
Fix Number FIX10188573
Manufacturer Part Number N127530
This Ball Bearing is sealed on both sides. It is a genuine replacement part and is sold individually. Ball bearings are used to reduce friction between rotating parts. The balls or rollers take the load and spin, distributing the weight evenly while the minimal contact area of the ball reduces friction. This reduces wear on the tool and allows it to run smoothly. Bearings experience constant wear when the tool is in operation from pressure, heat, vibration and friction. Because of this, many Bearings need periodic maintenance or replacement.
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Power Cord
Fix Number FIX10153834
Manufacturer Part Number 664064-4
This is a power cord, and it is used with several power tools. It is made of a thick rubber that is tough, and insulated for a long life. It has two 18 gauge wires, and is 8 feet long. When removing your old cord, take note of the wire leads placements, and how they connect to the receptacle in the tool. You will have to attach the new cord similarly.
Installation Instructions
John from Hancock, MI
Did not come with grinding disc guard
While unit was unplugged I screwed clamp of guard around grinder. Read more...
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Ball Bearing (6001DW)
Fix Number FIX10169632
Manufacturer Part Number 330003-64
This is a ball bearing for your power tools. It is used in a variety of machines for rotary motion. The bearings support your tools by lowering the friction, which allows easy rotation of moving parts. Depending on how often you use your tool the bearings are a commonly replaced part. This is because they will experience most of the pressure, heat, and vibrations.
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Steel Ball 7.0
Fix Number FIX10142094
Manufacturer Part Number 216022-2


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