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Pump Plunger
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10240995
Manufacturer Part Number 242J5201
This genuine OEM kit for your gas lantern includes the plunger, one spring clip, one metal cap, one spring, and one clip. The purpose of the pump plunger is to keep the lantern pressurized. To remove the pump from the lantern, you will need a small flat blade screwdriver to pry open the spring clip. Before installing the new pump, apply a small amount of motor oil to both the plunger and the shaft.
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Valve Stem Packing
Fix Number FIX10240875
Manufacturer Part Number 118D6201
Installation Instructions
Karl from FLORENCE, SC
Fuel leaking around valve
The old packing was gone. When I took apart the valve . all u need is a flat screw driver and a
9/16 wrench to fix my Coleman latern.
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Repair Kit
Fix Number FIX11999270
Manufacturer Part Number 5010000539
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Replacement Tent Pole
Fix Number FIX11999276
Manufacturer Part Number 5010000549
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Replacement Kit - Tent Fiberglass Pole 8.5Mm Diameter
Fix Number FIX10241136
Manufacturer Part Number 5010000547
Installation Instructions
Andrew from GULF BREEZE, FL
I had one broken tent pole section
I untied the bungee cord, pulled out the broken section and used it to measure and cut a replacement piece to the right length.
Then use the long needle that came with the replacement part(s) to restring the bungee cord. It worked perfectly.
I used a hack saw and tape to cut the fiberglass part then sanded the cut portion.
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Tent Fiberglass Pole
Fix Number FIX11999274
Manufacturer Part Number 5010000545
In Stock
Repair Kit
Fix Number FIX11999273
Manufacturer Part Number 5010000543
In Stock
Repair Kit - Tent Fiberglass Pole 8.5Mm Diameter
Fix Number FIX10241135
Manufacturer Part Number 5010000541
In Stock
Auxiliary Burner Assembly
Fix Number FIX11999213
Manufacturer Part Number 413D3461
In Stock
Master Burner Assembly
Fix Number FIX11999224
Manufacturer Part Number 425A3451


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