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Micro Switch
Fix Number FIX3522738
Manufacturer Part Number 3B73362F
Fixes these symptoms
  • Doesn’t shut off
  • No heat
  • Tray won’t turn
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Installation Instructions
rockie from eugene, OR
microwave wouldn't heat, door switches failed
First step is to test all 3 door switches. I couldnt find a video of removing the switches on, so I had to wing it. Took the case off and eventually found out the switches can be removed from the front. Then I learned another important lesson - replace all 3 switches and the holder as an assembly. I bought 2 switches but found out you cant remove the switches without destroying the holder. That was a $17 mistake. The entire assembly is only $3 more than 2 switches. Read more...
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Light Bulb - 120V 30W
Fix Number FIX3530415
Manufacturer Part Number 6912W1Z004B
Installation Instructions
Tom from Georgetown, GA
Transformer went bad along with magnatron
Remove microwave from cabinet. Remove all outer housing screws, lift cover out of way good time to clean entire microwave. Take picture of wiring .Disconnect wiring from magnatron , capacitor and transformer.remove screws from parts and lift out of microwave. Use extreme caution with capacitor as it holds a deadly charge ! Re install new parts refer to picture to re wire! Install outer cover new grease filters and install in cabinet. Project time was 1 hour with assistant. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX12584264
Manufacturer Part Number W11256462
This part allows power to go one way but not the other.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
eugene from longs, SC
would not heat
took out four screws which opened up area top of microwave took off metal faceplate used pliers with rubber grip placed on magnatron then unscrewed one screw which held wire to magnatron then pulled out then reversed process Read more...
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Charcoal Filter
Fix Number FIX3527525
Manufacturer Part Number 5230W1A011B
This is the replacement charcoal filter for your microwave. It is approximately 8 inches by 5 inches. The charcoal filter removes cooking odors from the air that circulate through the microwave vent. You will likely need to replace the charcoal filter if you notice any damage to it, or if it has been in your microwave for a long time. This part is sold individually and is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
Installation Instructions
All greasy filter
I replace Charcoal filter by removing 4 screws on top microwave grille, remove it and i slid out the old filter and place the new one. The grease filters it took less than one minute to replace both. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX3530468
Manufacturer Part Number 6930W1A003X
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Little to no heat when baking
  • Oven not heating evenly
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Installation Instructions
William from Mechanicsburg, PA
Microwave would run a few seconds then quit
Removed cover and control panel. Discovered the thermostat had a burned connection. Removed thermostat and replaced. Small issue with new thermostat which is version 2. Both leads were large and while the previous thermostat had one small lead and the other large. I had to expand one of the connectors, cut the plastic sleeve and secure with electrical tape. The switches went in very easily and everything went back together without any problems. Read more...
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Air Duct Bracket
Fix Number FIX3523851
Manufacturer Part Number 4810W1A151A
This bracket holds the metal or plastic flapper that closes off the exhaust duct when the fan is not running and opens when the fan turns on. If the exhaust fan on your microwave does not appear to be working, the problem may be with the damper assembly. If the damper does not open and close easily, check for any damage to the bracket, and replace if it is damaged or faulty. This genuine OEM exhaust damper measures approximately 12 inches long by 5 inches wide.
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Glass Cooking Tray
Fix Number FIX3517413
Manufacturer Part Number 1B71961H
This tray rotates in your microwave ensuring more even temperatures.
Installation Instructions
William from Missouri City, TX
Broken glass tray
Open package place in place and done.
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Fix Number FIX3524148
Manufacturer Part Number 4900W1A001B
This metal vent damper door closes off the exhaust duct when the fan is not running to stop outside air from entering the microwave unit, and opens when the fan turns on to allow air to vent away from the microwave. This vent damper door measures approximately 10 inches long x 3 inches wide and fits LG microwaves.
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Fix Number FIX3529034
Manufacturer Part Number 6324W1A001L
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Ashly from NAVARRE, FL
Microwave would run but would not heat. (Lights worked, turntable turned)
Killed circuit breaker to microwave.
-Removed microwave from the wall to move it to a table to work on.
-Removed screws in the cover(all along edges on top, sides, back, and bottom)
-Removed sheetmetal covering for top and sides.
-Removed Control Circuit Board Panel (Just to the right of the door).
-Tested all three safety switches for door interlock (all checked good)
-Put back together to try again, with no luck.
-All signs pointed to the magnetron so that's what I ordered next.
-Let the microwave sit unplugged for the week that I waited for the part to arrive.
-Received part, unpackaged, everything looked very similar to the original, with one slight difference.
-The two wire connectors on the magnetron are labelled FA and F. I noticed that on the original the FA was on the left side and the F terminal was on the right. One the new magnetron they were on opposite sides.
-No big deal, took the wire connector off of the original magnetron and took apart, this allowed me to swap the FA & F cables to match the correct sides of the new magnetron.
-Removed 1 screw on a bracket inside and to the front of the magnetron
-Removed 4 screw from the top side of the microwave that held the magnetron in place.
-Removed old magnetron
-Installed new magnetron
-Performed all the above steps in reverse

Good Luck!!!
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Diode (Cable, Assembly)
Fix Number FIX3529603
Manufacturer Part Number 6851W1A002E
Fixes these symptoms

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