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Blower Wheel
Fix Number FIX10432533
Manufacturer Part Number SNT5901A000
This is a blower wheel, which also includes the clip needed to install it. This authentic OEM blower wheel is the components that spins inside the fan housing, to produce airflow. It is made of a durable plastic and is pressed onto the shaft of the mower. The bottom (closed side) of the wheel has an outer diameter of approximately 5-3/4 inches. The top (open side) of the wheel has an approximate outside diameter of 6-3/16-inches. It is about 2-inches tall and is compatible with a 1/4-inch shaft. When viewing it from the open side, it rotates in a clockwise direction.
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Light Lens
Fix Number FIX10281344
Manufacturer Part Number S99110437
This is an OEM light lens for a range hood and it is sold as an individual part. It is also sometimes referred to as a bulb cover, as this small plastic piece encases the bulb, protects and hides it. This part is easily installed by just snapping it into place, no tools required.
Installation Instructions
The hood light stopped working (switch failure - not the light bulb or socket), the fan switch worked fine, but replaced anyway.
1. Shut off applicable circuit breaker to isolate power to exhaust hood.
2. Unscrewed the single machine screw holding the wiring channel cover in place. Used 1/8" nutdriver.
3. Tape labeled (R & L) the associated electrical wires to light switch and colored wires to fan switch for exact replacement.
4. Pulled off the connector wires by the metal clips using needle nose pliers (some were very stubborn (grease corrosion or tight).
5. Could not pinch the plastic expanders on switches and push through from rear as I expected. Had to pry switches from front with screwdriver, wiggle one side free, and then force switch through from back side. This was the hardest task as they fight to stay in place. They come out the front side only.
6. Inserted from the front both fan and light switches, noting the switch label positions of the new and old to get the wiring and on-off positions to be the same as the old.
7. Reconnected all the labeled wires to the new switch pole connectors.
8. Turned on circuit breaker and tested new switches.
9 . Replaced the wiring channel cover and screwed in the metal holding screw with nutdriver.
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Grille Spring
Fix Number FIX10432399
Manufacturer Part Number S99140199
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Aluminum Filter Spring Kit -3Pk
Fix Number FIX10282159
Manufacturer Part Number SR169016
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Aluminum Filter
Fix Number FIX10432342
Manufacturer Part Number S99010042
  In Stock
Fix Number FIX10279873
Manufacturer Part Number S101183000
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Fix Number FIX12009480
Manufacturer Part Number S82403000
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Thermal Protector
Fix Number FIX10432437
Manufacturer Part Number S99271494
  In Stock
Fix Number FIX10432159
Manufacturer Part Number S89615000
  In Stock
Fix Number FIX10431960
Manufacturer Part Number S53740000

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