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Clamping Nut
Fix Number FIX12043536
Manufacturer Part Number 316055450
This is a 5/8IN-11 clamping nut, sold individually. The purpose of the clamping nut is to fasten the grinding wheel onto the shaft. Instead of a spanner wrench to tighten it on the spindle, it has tabs inside the nut that keep it and the grinding wheel tight on the spindle. This is a manufacturer-approved part. designed to fit your equipment perfectly.
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Clamping Flange
Fix Number FIX10417555
Manufacturer Part Number 341031290
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Carbon Brushes / Set
Fix Number FIX10416276
Manufacturer Part Number 316034930
This is a carbon brush set for your power tools, most commonly your angle grinder. This purchase includes a set of 2 carbon brushes. It is known as a wear part because through friction and extended use, it will gradually wear out and require replacement. If you are experiencing reduced electric braking and delayed motor power, a worn brush is most likely the problem. When making this installation, inspect your armature for burns or cracks which could mean a larger motor issue.
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Cable Sleeve
Fix Number FIX10418940
Manufacturer Part Number 344100970
This is a cable sleeve for your power tools. It may also be known as a cord protector, and is designed to slide onto your cord and rest securely at the end. The firm rubber will protect the base of your cord and avoid pinching and bending. If wires are exposed it is considered a safety hazard.
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Carbon Brush Set
Fix Number FIX10416485
Manufacturer Part Number 316046800
This is a set of two carbon brushes that are sourced directly from the manufacturer. Most motor issues are due to worn brushes, so it should be the first component you inspect. The lifespan of a carbon brush depends on how often your power tool is used, and the amount of power put through the motor. It is highly suggested to change both carbon brushes at the same time, to ensure your power tool is working as efficiently as possible.
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Anti-Vibration Handle M8
Fix Number FIX10415766
Manufacturer Part Number 314000970
Installation Instructions
Victor from Weston, CO
My angle grinder, after years of hard use made a popping sound and started to vibrate slightly. I noticed some black plastic protruding from one of the motor vent slots in the head of tje grinder. Turned out to be a chunk of the motor cooling fan assembly.
After disconnecting from power, I disassembled the grinder to figure out what was broken, checking all parts as I went along. Disassembly is pretty straight forward, starting by removing the grinding wheel, nut, shield and side handle. Remove the 4 screws and the cover of the bevel gear housing. A 9mm wrench is used to remove the pinion gear nut, to allow seperation of the motor armature from the gear housing. Before pulling the armature from the handle assembly, you can remove the side covers from the handle assembly and gently pull the brush retainers out of the handle/ motor frame to allow clearance. All parts were fine other than the motor cooling fan that had lost a 5/8" chunk of fin section. The air baffle and cover were still useable but slightly abraded by the fan parts, so I ordered those as well, being inexpensive anyway. The motor brushes were still about 70%, and all bearings were in excellent condition. The only other issue was that the bevel gear lubricant was pretty dried out, so I ordered a tube of that also.
Once my parts arrived I reassembled the grinder- the fan assembly pressed on the armature assembly with hand pressure- just be sure to align the splines. The cover, baffle, and bearing were easily tapped on the motor shaft using a small deep socket to push only on the bearings inner race. The pinion gear then pressed on the same way, then is retained by the 9mm nut. The armature can then be put back into the handle housing, the brush retainers put back in place, and the side covers reinstalled. The bevel gear housing can be pressed onto the armature/ bearing with hand pressure, perhaps with some light tapping with a padded hammer. The gear housing was re- greased with new lube ( it was cleaned while disassembled) and the gear cover/seal/ 4 screws replaced. The wheel guard was a bit tweaked from being used for 15 years, so I straightened that out before replacing it. I purchased an anti- vibe side handle for the old grinder too, as the original plastic handle was getting a bit beat up. In short, a fairly easy and inexpensive repair of an excellent tool. All the parts received from fit perfectly and were top quality. Hopefully I'll get another 15 years use out of this tool.
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Carbon Brush Set Cut-Off 20
Fix Number FIX12043534
Manufacturer Part Number 316055220
This is a set of two carbon brushes with attached lead wires. Please note that the brush holders are sold separately. Carbon brushes are a common wear part on power tools and will need to be replaced from time to time. Both brushes should be replaced at the same time, even if only one appears worn. Worn brushes are the most likely cause of reduced motor power. It is a good idea to also inspect the armature at the same time, as damage to this part can be an indication of more significant motor issues.
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Flange Nut
Fix Number FIX10417701
Manufacturer Part Number 341101480
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Ball Bearing 6X 19X 6
Fix Number FIX10415465
Manufacturer Part Number 143115170
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Rubber Bushing
Fix Number FIX10418886
Manufacturer Part Number 344097870

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