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Cap - Retainer, Spool
Fix Number FIX11804648
Manufacturer Part Number 125-8252
This spool retainer cap is authentically sourced from the original manufacturer for use in string trimmers. This high-quality plastic cover can damage or loosen over time and may need to be replaced. This repair is quick and easy and requires no tools. To remove the damaged spool retainer cap, press the two tabs and pull it out of place and press the new part in.
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Fix Number FIX9101288
Manufacturer Part Number 73-8190
In Stock
Air Filter
Fix Number FIX9980509
Manufacturer Part Number 5687301
This air filter fits lawn and gardening tools to keep dust and debris from damaging and contaminating the carburetor. If dirt builds up, it can even effect the engine from working properly. To replace your filter, remember to place it in a plastic bag with some oil. Rub the oil into the filter and once you remove it, squeeze the excess oil out. *Please note: this is sold individually.
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Spring - Compression
Fix Number FIX9103192
Manufacturer Part Number 73-8220
In Stock
Nut-Lock, Ni
Fix Number FIX9276436
Manufacturer Part Number 3296-29
This is a nut, for a variety of outdoor lawn equipment. This part is a nylon insert locking nut, meaning it has a nylon collar insert that makes the nut resistant to turning from heavy vibrations. It is used as part of the shear bolt assembly, as well as other areas in your machine. The nyloc nut has a diameter of roughly a 1/4 inch.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8830926
Manufacturer Part Number 107-3344
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8954417
Manufacturer Part Number 3256-24
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9980261
Manufacturer Part Number 560873001
In Stock
Primer Assembly
Fix Number FIX9936643
Manufacturer Part Number 300780002
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9869937
Manufacturer Part Number 06713

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