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Knob, 5/16-18 Wing (Black)
Fix Number FIX9999469
Manufacturer Part Number 703065
This knob is used on a variety of lawn and gardening equipment and acts as a nut to fasten bolts and stayed secure in your tool. Replace this part if your bolt is loose and needs security. The diameter is 5/16 inches and the thread count is 18. *Please note: this knob is sold individually. Check diagram provided by the manufacturer for the part location and installation instructions.
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Nut-Hex 5/16-18
Fix Number FIX9999668
Manufacturer Part Number 703409
This nut is mostly used in lawn tractors and snow blowers and is in different locations in the machine, depending on appliance. It is made from metal and measures to 5/16 inches for the diameter and a thread count of 18. Tip: Remember there are different nuts used in the machine, be sure you are ordering the correct part. The tool needed for this repair is a wrench. *Please note: this part is sold individually. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for instructions.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9295838
Manufacturer Part Number 7014343YP
In Stock
Nut, 1/4C Hex Flange Lock
Fix Number FIX9999572
Manufacturer Part Number 703233
In Stock
Bolt, Carriage 5/16-18
Fix Number FIX10000343
Manufacturer Part Number 704210
In Stock
Retainer, 5/16, Gr5
Fix Number FIX9999593
Manufacturer Part Number 703297
In Stock
Clip, Blade Control
Fix Number FIX9999756
Manufacturer Part Number 7034872YP
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10000186
Manufacturer Part Number 703936
In Stock
Washer, Flat
Fix Number FIX9999626
Manufacturer Part Number 703350
This is a washer for various lawn and garden equipment. It is a flat washer and requires a 5/16-inch bolt size. Washers are positioned under the head of a nut or bolt to strengthen the connection of two or more parts.
Special Order
Bolt, 5/16-18 X 1-3/4 Sq. Neck Carriage Gr5
Fix Number FIX12122717
Manufacturer Part Number 7090861YP

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