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Fix Number FIX9044259
Manufacturer Part Number 603773
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Fix Number FIX8954394
Manufacturer Part Number 3253-4
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Fix Number FIX9045743
Manufacturer Part Number 611396
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Fix Number FIX8950160
Manufacturer Part Number 3256-23
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Fix Number FIX9276229
Manufacturer Part Number 3256-26
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Fix Number FIX8998115
Manufacturer Part Number 5108
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Fuel Return Line Assembly
Fix Number FIX9060268
Manufacturer Part Number 683976
This is a genuine OEM replacement part. This fuel return line assembly transfers the unburned/unused fuel back into the fuel tank. Fuel is pumped to the combustion chamber at a constant rate, excess fuel is then pumped back to the tank to help maintain the required fuel pressure inside your equipment. The fuel return line assembly is commonly used in the hedge trimmers, tiller, and cultivators. Over time the fuel will breakdown the plastic the return line is made it, which can lead to your equipment running rough, fuel leaks, and long term damage to your equipment. If your return line has become brittle, cracked, or damaged this is the replacement you need. Before you replace this part make sure you remove the spark plug, and drain all of the fuel from the tank.
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Fix Number FIX9258600
Manufacturer Part Number 110506
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Pin - Starter
Fix Number FIX9038034
Manufacturer Part Number 602612
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Valve & Screen Sm
Fix Number FIX9057040
Manufacturer Part Number 677052

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