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Fix Number FIX11824789
Manufacturer Part Number 585056901
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Flange Bearing
Fix Number FIX9020445
Manufacturer Part Number 532188909
This is a genuine Husqvarna replacement part. A flange bearing is simply a bearing that could be mounted inside your lawn and garden equipment. This flange bearing is most commonly used in snow blowers, and it mounted near the end of the impeller assembly that attached to the gear box. It is important to be able to mount the bearing inside machinery that has high levels of vibration, it helps ensure the bearing remains in place so it can effectively help reduce the friction for the rotating components. We recommend that you refer to model specific diagrams for exact placement and appropriate uses. This flange bearing is sold individually.
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Spring, Deflector
Fix Number FIX9019975
Manufacturer Part Number 532184505
This is an authentic Husqvarna replacement part. Your snow blower pulls in snow, drives it through the auger and up through the chute to move it. This spring is used in the chute assembly of your snow blower, it is part of the mechanism that helps you adjust the position of the chute. Over time this spring may begin to lose tension and need to be replace, as it will no longer be as effective. This deflector spring is made of metal and it is sold individually.
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Handle Knob
Fix Number FIX9020379
Manufacturer Part Number 532185577
This is an OEM part sourced directly from Husqvarna. This handle knob is used on a variety of lawn and garden equipment. Commonly used in lawn mower to secure the handle, and in snow blowers to secure and adjust the angle of the chute. We do recommend that you refer to model specific diagrams for appropriate uses and applications. This handle knob is made of plastic and it is sold individually.
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Spring, Brake
Fix Number FIX9014539
Manufacturer Part Number 532178828
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Spring, Traction Drive
Fix Number FIX9013786
Manufacturer Part Number 532180926
This is a genuine Husqvarna replacement part. This traction drive spring attaches to traction rod, which connects to the clutch on the handle, and to the base of the frame. This is engaged when the clutch is pressed. Over time the spring will lose tension or become rusted, it is at that point it will need to be replaced. This spring is made of metal, and it is approximately 5 3/16 inches in length. This replacement part is sold individually.
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Nut, Hex, Flangelock
Fix Number FIX9022497
Manufacturer Part Number 532409149
This is a genuine hex flange locknut for a lawn mower. It attaches to the carriage bolt (sold separately), fastening the axle assembly braces in place. This part is sold individually, however most models require three. For this repair you will need a wrench set.
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Bolt, Flat Head, Carriage 5/16-18x5/8
Fix Number FIX9013883
Manufacturer Part Number 532180355
In Stock
Ring, Rubber Wheel
Fix Number FIX9982810
Manufacturer Part Number 585021001
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9016624
Manufacturer Part Number 532408007

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