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Pin, Hair
Fix Number FIX9999596
Manufacturer Part Number 703300
This is a hair pin clip for your lawn equipment. You may also know it as a cotter pin. It is a multi-application part, depending on your unit, as well as the make and model. To correctly install the pin, refer to the diagrams provided with your equipment. It is made of metal, and can be used in various locations in the machine. You will need pliers to install this part.
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Nut-Hex 5/16-18
Fix Number FIX9999668
Manufacturer Part Number 703409
This nut is mostly used in lawn tractors and snow blowers and is in different locations in the machine, depending on appliance. It is made from metal and measures to 5/16 inches for the diameter and a thread count of 18. Tip: Remember there are different nuts used in the machine, be sure you are ordering the correct part. The tool needed for this repair is a wrench. *Please note: this part is sold individually. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for instructions.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX10003371
Manufacturer Part Number 712-0421
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Nut,Centerlock Z .3
Fix Number FIX10000267
Manufacturer Part Number 704067
This is a nut for your lawn and garden equipment. The diameter is 5/16 inches with a thread size of 18. The nut has a washer like base, with a wide flange to ensure it will not loosen with heavy vibrations.
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Strap Hood Black Rubb
Fix Number FIX8920740
Manufacturer Part Number 2171600SM
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10000167
Manufacturer Part Number 703893
In Stock
Bolt, Carriage
Fix Number FIX9999542
Manufacturer Part Number 703185
On Order
Wingnut, 5/16-18
Fix Number FIX9999510
Manufacturer Part Number 703141
Special Order
Nut, Keps Lock 1/4-20
Fix Number FIX10000179
Manufacturer Part Number 703914
In Stock
Nut, 1/4C Hex Flange Lock
Fix Number FIX9999572
Manufacturer Part Number 703233

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