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Filter- A/C Cartridge
Fix Number FIX8987387
Manufacturer Part Number 491588S
This is a filter cartridge for the air filter in various lawn equipment. The filter removes dirt, dust, and other debris from entering the carburetor, and contaminating the engine. If the engine in your machine is not operating properly, a dirty air filter could be the cause. This is a commonly replaced part, depending on usage we recommend checking it after a full season of use. You may clean this part once or twice using an air supply to keep it functioning properly. However, when it becomes dirty it must be changed.
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Fix Number FIX9275043
Manufacturer Part Number 298090S
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Filter-A/C Foam
Fix Number FIX8983404
Manufacturer Part Number 493537S
This part includes one OEM certified foam pre-cleaner for a small engine. This filter is crucial for maintaining a smooth-running engine by adding an extra layer of protection from dirt and debris. Replacing this filter should be part of your regular tune-up procedure. Please note that the paper filter and cover are sold separately. This pre-cleaner air filter is installed on the filter cartridge. Do not oil the pre-cleaner, as it should be completely dry when installed.
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Oil Filter
Fix Number FIX9065087
Manufacturer Part Number 696854
This is a manufacturer-approved oil filter replacement, sold independently. The oil filter is essential in preventing damaging impurities from mixing with the engine oil. Having a well-maintained oil filter is extremely important to keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently. It is recommended to replace the oil filter at least once a season, every one-hundred hours, or every other oil change. If you work in a particularly dusty or sandy environment, change more frequently. To change the oil filter, start by draining the oil from the engine (in accordance with your manufacturer instructions). Next, remove the old filter and wipe up the filter adapter gasket surface. Apply a light coat of clean oil to the rubber gasket on the new oil filter. Install the replacement oil filter onto the filter adapter. Turn it clockwise until secure.
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Filter-Pre Cleaner
Fix Number FIX9274331
Manufacturer Part Number 272490S
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Filter-A/C Cartridge
Fix Number FIX9066438
Manufacturer Part Number 697029
In Stock
Filter-Air Cleaner Cartridge
Fix Number FIX8984064
Manufacturer Part Number 496894S
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Filter-Air Cleaner Cartridge
Fix Number FIX9306738
Manufacturer Part Number 792105
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Air Cleaner Cartridge
Fix Number FIX8962164
Manufacturer Part Number 393957S
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Filter-A/C Foam
Fix Number FIX8940470
Manufacturer Part Number 273356S

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