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Special Order
Fix Number FIX9287363
Manufacturer Part Number 532426129
This is a single black plastic clipping deflector, also sometimes referred to as a discharge chute, for a lawn mower. This part attaches to the mulcher door on the side of the lawnmower deck. It is responsible for directing the cut grass clippings out of the side of the mower. Please note that this is the deflector only and does not include the hinge bracket assembly or hinge rod, which may also be needed. If this part is missing or damaged, it is important to replace it, as it can be dangerous to have debris being removed from the lawn mower in an uncontrolled manner.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX9018709
Manufacturer Part Number 532444501
On Order
Rear Skirt
Fix Number FIX9973598
Manufacturer Part Number 532413160
In Stock
Mulcher Door Assembly
Fix Number FIX9286786
Manufacturer Part Number 532183058
In Stock
Plug, Mulcher
Fix Number FIX9021296
Manufacturer Part Number 532198170

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