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Nut, Hex, Flangelock
Fix Number FIX9022497
Manufacturer Part Number 532409149
This is a genuine hex flange locknut for a lawn mower. It attaches to the carriage bolt (sold separately), fastening the axle assembly braces in place. This part is sold individually, however most models require three. For this repair you will need a wrench set.
In Stock
Hardened Washer
Fix Number FIX9019116
Manufacturer Part Number 532851074
In Stock
Handle Knob
Fix Number FIX9020379
Manufacturer Part Number 532185577
This is an OEM part sourced directly from Husqvarna. This handle knob is used on a variety of lawn and garden equipment. Commonly used in lawn mower to secure the handle, and in snow blowers to secure and adjust the angle of the chute. We do recommend that you refer to model specific diagrams for appropriate uses and applications. This handle knob is made of plastic and it is sold individually.
In Stock
Bolt, Handle
Fix Number FIX9014802
Manufacturer Part Number 532191574
In Stock
Cover, Dust, Wheel
Fix Number FIX9982436
Manufacturer Part Number 581840401
In Stock
E-Ring 7/16
Fix Number FIX9145393
Manufacturer Part Number 812000058
On Order
Blade, 22"
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX9017810
Manufacturer Part Number 532406713
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Engine Zone Control Cable
Fix Number FIX9015022
Manufacturer Part Number 532183567
This zone control cable is for lawn mowers. Zone control cable stops the engine when you let go of the handle.
In Stock
Washer 13/32 X 13/16 X 16 Ga.
Fix Number FIX9483688
Manufacturer Part Number 819131316
This is a washer for your lawn and garden equipment. The inner diameter is 13/32 inches, and the outer diameter is 13/16 inches. This part is sold individually.
In Stock
Rear Skirt
Fix Number FIX9287254
Manufacturer Part Number 532413160

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