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Key, Woodruff
Fix Number FIX9323611
Manufacturer Part Number X-42-15-S
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Nut, Hex. Flange M8X1.25
Fix Number FIX9220045
Manufacturer Part Number M-841080-S
  In Stock
Nut, Flg M6X1.0
Fix Number FIX9320078
Manufacturer Part Number M-641060-S
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Stator Kit
Fix Number FIX9272440
Manufacturer Part Number 237878-S
This stator kit (15 amp) is an OEM part direct from Kohler. Composed of metal, wiring and protective plastic, the kit is made for use with many small engines. This component provides the necessary voltage for charging the motor battery. A wrench and a pair of pliers are helpful for making the installation. Please refer to the manual for additional repair instructions.
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Seal, Oil
Fix Number FIX9929160
Manufacturer Part Number 2503206-S
  Special Order
Oil Filter
Fix Number FIX9883966
Manufacturer Part Number 1205001-S
To keep your equipment running smoothly for the season, you will need to replace your oil filter. This is an OEM oil filter and it is sold individually. The oil filter helps to remove contaminants from the engine oil. The directions are printed directly on the part for a quick and hassle-free maintenance repair.
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Washer, Flat 6 MM
Fix Number FIX9320077
Manufacturer Part Number M-631005-S
  In Stock
Washer, Flat 9 mm
Fix Number FIX9220046
Manufacturer Part Number M-931010-S
  In Stock
Gasket, Bowl
Fix Number FIX9269950
Manufacturer Part Number 200375-S
  On Order
Seal, Breather
Fix Number FIX8927611
Manufacturer Part Number 231032-S

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