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Primer and Hose Assembly
Fix Number FIX10014772
Manufacturer Part Number 791-683974B
This is a primer and hose assembly, and it is used on various lawn equipment. The assembly comes with two parts. The first is the hose which is almost 5 inches long, and less than a 1/4 inch thick. The second part is the primer bulb or primer pump, and that is 2 inches long, and 1 inch wide, with a round bulb head. Together, the primer and hose assembly fill the carburetor with fuel to give your machine a quicker start. After time, your hose will crack and your primer will lose elasticity. Both will have to be replaced when this happens. Before starting this repair make sure to drain the fuel from the tank, and remove the spark plug.
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Fuel Line and Filter
Fix Number FIX10014709
Manufacturer Part Number 791-682039
This fuel line filters the fuel in the tank as it pushes into the carburetor by the primer bulb. If your carburetor is not getting fuel, ports get clogged, or the fuel line is leaking, then replacing this part will solve these problems. It is important to replace it as soon as damage is noticed because clogging can result in your engine not starting. For this repair, you will need the following tools: torx/Phillips drivers, long screwdriver, long-nosed pliers, long screwdriver, cutters or scissors, and two-cycle engine oil. For this repair, first remove the retainer ring from the fuel line and insert it through gas cap opening. Next, thread the fuel line through the hole in the bottom of the fuel tank and pull the line through to firmly place it against the tank wall. For the last steps, put the retainer ring on the fuel line and press the ring firmly against the external side of the fuel tank wall. Lastly, attach it to correct line on the carburetor.
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Fuel Return Line
Fix Number FIX9137685
Manufacturer Part Number 791-181086
This is a fuel return line, and it is used with various outdoor lawn equipment. Fuel travels through the return line into the carburetor, and from the primer bulb/pump into the fuel system. The line returns the extra fuel back into the tank. This part will crack and become brittle over time. If your fuel line is leaking, you will need to replace it. Before you begin repair work on your equipment make sure you drain the fuel from the tank, and remove the spark plug.
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Spool Cap
Fix Number FIX9966010
Manufacturer Part Number 522994001
This spool cap is for line trimmers. Spool cap covers the bottom of the line spool and prevents the spool from falling out of the spool housing.
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Primer Bulb (For Ruixing Carbs)
Fix Number FIX9980343
Manufacturer Part Number 561635001
This is an OEM primer bulb, and it is sold individually. Pressing the bulb removes the air out of the carburetor. Fuel is then forced from the fuel tank, which flows through the fuel line and into the carburetor. The extra fuel then goes back into the fuel tank via the fuel return line. Due to its constant contact with fuel and its rubber material, it can wear or crack over time, and will need a replacement.
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Compression Spring
Fix Number FIX9996272
Manufacturer Part Number 679034001
This is a compression spring for trimmers and edgers. The purpose of the compression spring is to provide tension to the trimmer head feed assembly. It is common for this spring to weaken to the point that it is no longer supplying tension. This may become obvious when the trimmer head is feeding line even when it has not been bumped to the ground. For this repair, you will need to remove the head knob, spool, and plastic slider. This should be a fairly quick and simple process that can be done with a screwdriver.
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Carriage Bolt 1/4-20 x .62&#34 Lg.
Fix Number FIX10001780
Manufacturer Part Number 710-0703
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Spring & Container
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Fix Number FIX9987666
Manufacturer Part Number 638033001
This spring or container fits gardening tools such as a trimmer. The spring works to recoil a starter rope. If your spring has been worn out, it can lose tension and even break. If the spring breaks, the starter rope will not retract. To prevent this, it is best to replace the spring. The tools needed for this repair are: T25 Torx bit, spark plug wrench, clutch tool, and rope. For installation instructions refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer.
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Plastic Slider w/Metal Insert
Fix Number FIX9939457
Manufacturer Part Number 310920001
This is the plastic slider for your trimmer. It is made of plastic and metal and is white and color. It measures approximately 2 ½ inches long and 1 inch wide. The slide works with the spool and uses centrifugal force to automatically release the cutting line from the spool. The main reason to replace the slider is if it is damaged or missing, or if the cutting line is not being automatically released. This part is sold individually and is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Line Cut-Off Blade
1 Review
Fix Number FIX16389895
Manufacturer Part Number 638845006

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