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Fix Number FIX11824881
Manufacturer Part Number 588171156
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Fix Number FIX10039106
Manufacturer Part Number A021000723
This is an Original Manufacturer Approved Carburetor Assembly used on a variety of Gas Powered String Trimmers. The purpose of this part is to mix air and gas before the fuel mix goes to the engine. If the engine won\\\'t start and the tank is full of fresh fuel, test the carburetor by removing the air filter and pouring about a teaspoon of fuel into the carburetor. Pull the starter rope. If the engine starts and then quickly dies, the carburetor is likely the problem. Rb-K70A
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Fix Number FIX10041164
Manufacturer Part Number A201112
This is a genuine Southland replacement part. The carburetor is responsible for regulating the amount of fuel and air that make it to the engine; this ensures the fuel is burning properly in your auger. Commonly you will replace the carburetor when it is clogged and cleaning is not effective. Signs your carburetor needs to be replaced are that the engine is not running properly, it is not running at all, it will not stay running, it is difficult to start, or if it emits a lot of smoke. In order to successfully replace this part we suggest that as you remove the old carburetor pay attention to the order and placement of the parts you are removing, when reassembling reverse the removal order. When you are finished replacing the carburetor be sure to inspect all connections before running. Place only a small amount of fuel in the tank while testing the new carburetor.
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Fix Number FIX9285097
Manufacturer Part Number 530057844
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Carburetor Diaphragm/Gasket Kit
Fix Number FIX8854511
Manufacturer Part Number 12310140630
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Fix Number FIX9194331
Manufacturer Part Number A021002310
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Fix Number FIX9021996
Manufacturer Part Number 537048901
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Carburetor Repair Kit
Fix Number FIX9970355
Manufacturer Part Number 530069832
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Carburetor Assembly
Fix Number FIX9970517
Manufacturer Part Number 530071634
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Fix Number FIX10009861
Manufacturer Part Number 753-1225