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Fix Number FIX9997616
Manufacturer Part Number 692512002
This is a round metal sleeve with an approximate diameter of 3/4-inches, with a beveled centre with a 1/4-inch bore. It is sold individually, and sourced directly from the original manufacturer. The sleeve is part of the clamp assembly and is used to secure accessories to the tool.
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Adapter Blade
Fix Number FIX9997610
Manufacturer Part Number 692496002
This is a single adaptor blade, sold individually. The blade adapter keeps the blade steady in the proper position while the tool is being used, and also makes it possible to use accessories from other manufacturers. When using these accessories, you will install the adaptor first, and then the chosen accessory. Depending on the manufacturer, you will install the adaptor with either the B facing out or the D facing out. You will need to consult the user manual to know which side is correct for your specific tool.
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Fuel Filter (Red) Inline
Fix Number FIX9938444
Manufacturer Part Number 308733008
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Rubber Gear Cap
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Fix Number FIX11868360
Manufacturer Part Number 562408002
This is a genuine manufacturer-approved replacement part designed for use with Ryobi and Ridgid power handles. For full compatibility, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This is the gear cap for the motor and is designed to protect the wires and end bell of your motor. If your Gear Cap is worn, damaged, or missing, it is time to be replaced. This part is also referred to as a Rubber End Cap. It is made out of rubber, and it is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
This is a replacement rubber gear cap used on Ridgid 18V and corded JobMax tools.
Step 1: pull old cap off
Step 2: push new cap on

No tools, no disassembly.
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Fix Number FIX9978299
Manufacturer Part Number 560324002
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Jaw Insert (3/4 In)
Fix Number FIX16390336
Manufacturer Part Number 643492001
In Stock
Outlet Cover (120 Volt)
Fix Number FIX9980694
Manufacturer Part Number 570412008
In Stock
Carburetor Assembly
Fix Number FIX16497558
Manufacturer Part Number D262839
Special Order
Washer (1/4 in.)
Fix Number FIX9987778
Manufacturer Part Number 638387002
In Stock
Sanding Pad
Fix Number FIX9937137
Manufacturer Part Number 303590006

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