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Filter, Fuel
Fix Number FIX11826309
Manufacturer Part Number A369000460
This is an OEM fuel filter and is sold individually. This repair is very easy and will only take a few minutes. It is also a very important maintenance task that should be done regularly. This part is located inside the fuel tank and filters out debris to prevent it from making its way to the carburetor. If you notice fuel is leaking or their seems to be blockage, your fuel filter is likely in need of a replacement.
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Fix Number FIX9236120
Manufacturer Part Number V265000200
The nut flange is part of the chain brake and is fastened onto the sprocket guard. It is sold individually, however, your equipment likely has a couple of these. If the housing cracks, this could cause the nut flange to become loose or lost, in which case it will need to be replace with this OEM replacement part. This nut flange (or lock nut) is designed to resist loosening once it has been properly threaded onto a bolt. For this repair you will need a 13mm or 12-inch nut wrench.
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Clip 6
Fix Number FIX9238696
Manufacturer Part Number V490000500
This clip fits lawn and gardening tools. The clip secures the fuel filter to the fuel line on the unit. *Please note: the clip is sold separately. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
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Fix Number FIX10053748
Manufacturer Part Number V490001230
This is a clip for a variety of lawn and garden equipment. The clip is made of a durable metal, and is 6.5mm in diameter. This part is most commonly used to clamp tubes and hoses in place. The clip is sold individually.
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Spark Plug
Fix Number FIX9314055
Manufacturer Part Number A425000000
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Bolt 5
Fix Number FIX9234675
Manufacturer Part Number V203000110
This chain adjustment tensioner bolt (bar adjustment bolt) is sold individually. The bar adjustment bolt works with the adjuster gears and the adjustment pin to alter the tension on the cutting chain. The gears rotate the bolt, and as it turns, it pulls the adjustment pin, which moves the bar. The bolt can strip over time or if the chain is consistently over tensioned. This is a manufacturer-approved part designed to be a direct replacement for the original.
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Fuel Strainer
Fix Number FIX11826310
Manufacturer Part Number A369000470
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Washer 5
Fix Number FIX9162891
Manufacturer Part Number 90060000005
This washer fits gardening tools such as hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, engines, power brooms, tillers, water pumps, concrete saws, and cultivators. *Please note: this is sold individually. The washer helps spread the pressure evenly between two connected parts in your tool. For proper installation and application, check the diagram provided by the manufacturer.
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Fuel Filter
Fix Number FIX11826311
Manufacturer Part Number A369000480
This is a single OEM fuel filter that has been approved by the manufacturer, ensuring the highest quality. It is compatible with numerous types of outdoor power equipment, such as blowers, trimmers, edgers, chainsaws, etc. This is a very important maintenance part that should be replaced on a regular schedule. Its purpose is to remove contaminants that could clog up the carburetor, which should also be regularly inspected. For this simple repair, slide the new fuel filter onto the fuel line and use a screwdriver to place the clamp tightly over the nipple.
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Oil Cap Asy.
Fix Number FIX9231786
Manufacturer Part Number P021005581

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