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Fix Number FIX9482322
Manufacturer Part Number 545008013
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Rope (3 ft.)
Fix Number FIX9472269
Manufacturer Part Number 530069232
This is a 3ft rope for a variety of power tools, most commonly chainsaws. It twists around the pulley of the recoil starter, which will allow you to pull-start the engine. This part is made of a durable nylon, but over time may wear out and snap. When that happens, you will need to replace it. Take note the plastic grip is sold separately.
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Starter Rope
Fix Number FIX9283248
Manufacturer Part Number 505305125
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Kit - Starter Pulley
Fix Number FIX9472733
Manufacturer Part Number 530071966
This is an OEM recoil starter repair kit for a gas chainsaw. This kit consists of a plastic pulley, hub, return spring, and two screws. If the saw is having trouble starting, replacing the recoil starter kit should fix the problem. The most common reason for installing this kit is to repair a worn starter hub. The teeth are susceptible to wear, in which case it can no longer catch the pawls on the flywheel to start the engine. This kit will also solve the problem of a damaged starter pulley. This kit is also used to retrofit a regular starter into one with a spring-assist feature. The spring-assist features makes pulling the starter rope much easier, as it counteracts some of the resistance of the engine compression. For this repair you will need a screwdriver, torx drivers, long-nosed pliers, and wire cutters.
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Fix Number FIX8985240
Manufacturer Part Number 501454101
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Recoil Spring
Fix Number FIX8986981
Manufacturer Part Number 501763101
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Fix Number FIX9471687
Manufacturer Part Number 530056402
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Starter Spring
Fix Number FIX8990818
Manufacturer Part Number 503859901
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Starter Handle
Fix Number FIX9470213
Manufacturer Part Number 530027569
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Fix Number FIX9028890
Manufacturer Part Number 544973401

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