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BADGE GE Assembly
Fix Number FIX6447742
Manufacturer Part Number WR04X10181
Installation Instructions
Kay from Pleasant Plains, AR
Badge had became dislodged and lost from my new refrigerator.
The new badge had a paper pull tab on back protecting the adhesive mount. All I had to do was pull the protective backing off and push the prongs on the back of the badge into the two holes on the refrigerator and push well to adhere the adhesive as well. Then peel the protective coating off the front of the badge. All done in a couple minutes. I'm a senior citizen. Anyone can do this repair. Thanks for the perfect part. Read more...
Special Order
Fix Number FIX8759077
Manufacturer Part Number WS03X10075
Special Order
SENSOR Assembly (T3A/T3B/T4)
Fix Number FIX8759097
Manufacturer Part Number WS17X10011
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8767699
Manufacturer Part Number WH01X10704

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