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Ignitor Plug
Fix Number FIX10492704
Manufacturer Part Number 2143P
This is an authentic Sure Flame replacement part. This ignitor plug is commonly used in heaters. Ignitor plugs are similar in function to a spark plug, they take voltage and create the spark needed to ignite the fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber. The main difference is once the mixture has ignited and the flame is sustaining itself the ignitor stops firing, where a spark plug would continue to fire while the equipment is running. The ignitor plug does not need to continue to fire because the flame itself provides a constant source of ignition for the fuel/air mixture travelling through the heater. This replacement part is sold individually.
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24V Time Delay
Fix Number FIX10492750
Manufacturer Part Number 7465P
This is a genuine OEM replacement part sourced directly from Sure Flame. This time delay is commonly used in heaters. A time delay is similar in function to a relay, but it controls the outcome based on time. A relay will open and close the circuit when voltage is travel to it, whereas for a time delay the circuit will open and close based on a selected interval of time. This time delay is 24-volts, and it is sold individually.

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