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Drain Plug
Fix Number FIX10136791
Manufacturer Part Number 68-3001
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Photocell Assembly
Fix Number FIX10136816
Manufacturer Part Number 68-3026
This is an authentic OEM replacement part from Mi-T-M. This photocell assembly is commonly used in space heaters. It can be found located underneath the burner body on the back of the chamber assembly. This little camera like safety device is a sensor that monitors light in the chamber. Meaning when the flame goes out the photocell assembly notified the pump and the heater shuts down. This will help ensure safe operation, and it will limit the risk of a fuel build-up in the event your heater stops working.
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Fix Number FIX10137037
Manufacturer Part Number 68-6114
This is a genuine OEM replacement part sourced directly from Mi-T-M. This easy-lift handle is used in the assembly of heaters to help increase portability. This durable handle is mounted to the outer shell, and helps users pick-up and transport the heater. This handle makes it easier for you to move the heater around the jobsite or around your home. This handle is made out of plastic, and it is sold individually.
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Fuel Filter Assembly
Fix Number FIX10136795
Manufacturer Part Number 68-3005
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Filter Kit
Fix Number FIX10136836
Manufacturer Part Number 68-3046
This is a genuine Mi-T-M replacement part. This filter kit is commonly used in space heaters. This kit comes with the lint filter, the output filter, and the intake filter. It works to remove any dust, dirt, and debris out of the air before it travels though the pump to the chamber. Having a well maintained filter will ensure your heater is running efficiently and effectively. That is why it is important to check your filters often, that way you can clean and replace them as required.
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Thermostat Limit Control
Fix Number FIX10136805
Manufacturer Part Number 68-3015
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Spark Plug Kit
Fix Number FIX10136826
Manufacturer Part Number 68-3036
This is an authentic OEM replacement part sourced directly from Mi-T-M. This spark plug is commonly used in space heaters. Is a main part of the ignition system, it turns electrical current into a spark, that spark is used to light the fuel air mixture inside the combustion chamber. You should regularly inspect the spark plug on your heater, so you can clean it and change it as needed. Without a spark plug in working order you may have trouble starting your heater up, or it might not start at all. Before installing a spark plug it will need to be appropriately gapped, please refer to model specific owner?s manuals for this measurement. This spark plug is sold individually.
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Rotor Kit
Fix Number FIX10136833
Manufacturer Part Number 68-3043
This is an authentic Mi-T-M replacement part. This rotor kit is commonly used in space heaters. This rotor is located in the pump body and works to pump the air through the machine. As this part rotates inside the pump body is displaces air and forces it through to the fan assembly. This rotor is about half an inch thick, and it has a diameter of 2 1/8 inches. This kit comes with the rotor and four vanes. For optimal performance we recommend you change the filters at the same time you replace the rotor, they are sold separately.
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Photocell Assembly
Fix Number FIX10136931
Manufacturer Part Number 68-3150
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Cord Wrap
Fix Number FIX10136865
Manufacturer Part Number 68-3076

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