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Special Order
Fan Blade
Fix Number FIX819849
Manufacturer Part Number 309651003
Installation Instructions
Bruce from Jacksonville, OR
Fan had broken
Took out from house& removed old one & installed new fan blade Read more...
Special Order
Fix Number FIX463279
Manufacturer Part Number 5303301247
In Stock
Fix Number FIX16221570
Manufacturer Part Number 5304525534
This is an air filter for air conditioners and is used to ensure that dirt, dust, and different particles do not spread in the air of your room or home. It purifies and filters debris for cleaner and healthier air. When the filter does this it gets filled with dirty particles and it can affect the efficiency of the air conditioner. If the air filter is not changed, then air flow will decrease and it can start to spread polluted, dirty air. By replacing this part, issues of air flow are solved. This part is 1 x 7.5 x 13 inches long and it weighs 3.2 ounces. For safety reasons, make sure to turn off air conditioner before beginning this installation project.
On Order
Evaporator Thermistor Sensor
1 Review
Fix Number FIX2359468
Manufacturer Part Number 5304471383
In Stock
Door Shelf End Cap - Right Side
Fix Number FIX467698
Manufacturer Part Number 5303323480
This white door shelf end cap is used for right side of some refrigerator door shelves.
Installation Instructions
Jack from New Paris, OH
Broken End Caps on Freezer Door Shelf and Refrigerator Door Shelf
First I must say we got our parts the next day......after having the broken shelves or a long time not realizing how easy they would be to get. We received our pieces wrapped separately and clearly marked left or right. I just popped them on the metal shelf bracket and snapped the end cap into the door where the broken ones had been. It was very easy and very quick. Read more...
In Stock
Shutter Panel - Left or Right Side - Curtain Only
Fix Number FIX435673
Manufacturer Part Number 309645501
This accordion style shutter panel is almost six inches long when it is closed.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX1533479
Manufacturer Part Number 5304459793
Special Order
Ice Container
Fix Number FIX457569
Manufacturer Part Number 5303212918
In Stock
Fix Number FIX16221607
Manufacturer Part Number 5304525572
Special Order
Fix Number FIX1533478
Manufacturer Part Number 5304459792

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