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Fix Number FIX12578732
Manufacturer Part Number W11236646
This part is located on the drum roller support shaft.
Fixes these symptoms
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Silicone Rubber Adhesive - 2 oz
Fix Number FIX11740605
Manufacturer Part Number WP279368
This is a high temperature adhesive that is used for gaskets and felt seals.
Installation Instructions
Jerry from Mobile, AL
replaced door gasket
I opened the dryer door. applied adhesive..Put the gasket where it belongs. Read more...
In Stock
Evaporator Thermistor Sensor
1 Review
Fix Number FIX2359468
Manufacturer Part Number 5304471383
In Stock
Fix Number FIX16221547
Manufacturer Part Number 5304525511
In Stock
Fix Number FIX16221570
Manufacturer Part Number 5304525534
This is an air filter for air conditioners and is used to ensure that dirt, dust, and different particles do not spread in the air of your room or home. It purifies and filters debris for cleaner and healthier air. When the filter does this it gets filled with dirty particles and it can affect the efficiency of the air conditioner. If the air filter is not changed, then air flow will decrease and it can start to spread polluted, dirty air. By replacing this part, issues of air flow are solved. This part is 1 x 7.5 x 13 inches long and it weighs 3.2 ounces. For safety reasons, make sure to turn off air conditioner before beginning this installation project.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX16221632
Manufacturer Part Number 5304525598
In Stock
Motor Clip
Fix Number FIX11757442
Manufacturer Part Number WPY015825
Sold individually.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9864875
Manufacturer Part Number 5304496261
In Stock
Fix Number FIX16221624
Manufacturer Part Number 5304525589
In Stock
Fix Number FIX2582351
Manufacturer Part Number 5304476333

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