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Water Bucket Float

Water Bucket Float – Part Number: WK11X10007
Water Bucket Float – Part Number: WK11X10007
Water Bucket Float – Part Number: WK11X10007
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Part Description:
This is a genuine General Electric replacement part. This float assembly is commonly used in dehumidifiers. The float sits on the edge of the water bucket, as water fills up in the bucket the float rises, when the bucket is full the float is part of the assembly that signals the machine to shutoff. No tools are required to install this replacement part, simply remove the bucket and insert the new part, it just snaps right into place. The float is made of plastic, and sold individually.
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This part works with the following products:

Installation Instructions

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Plastic pin broke off side of float

Popped the new one in place - slick as a whistle

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Parts Used: Water Bucket Float
Difficulty Level: Very Easy
Total Repair Time: Less than 15 mins
Customer: M H from Pittsburgh, PA
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Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX3512331
Manufacturer Part Number: WK11X10007

Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricADEH50LPL1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEH50LPQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEH50LQQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEH50LRQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEH70LT1Dehumidifier - DEHUMIDIFIER
General ElectricADEL30LRQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEL50LRQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEL70LRQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER30LPL1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER30LPQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER30LQQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER40LPL1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER40LPQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER40LQQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER50LPL1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER50LPQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER50LQQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER50LRQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER65LPL1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER65LPQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER65LQQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADER70LRQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEW30LPL1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEW30LPQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEW30LQQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEW50LPL1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEW50LPQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEW50LQQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEW50LRQ1Dehumidifier
General ElectricADEW65LPL1Dehumidifier