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Handle - White
Fix Number FIX12164179
Manufacturer Part Number 3000005306
This is one OEM white plastic handle for a cooler. Your cooler has two of these handles, so if you are in need of two be sure to add the appropriate number to your shopping cart. This handle also comes with two plastic hinge pins needed for one handle. For this repair, start by using a screwdriver to pry off the old pins, and this will disengage the handle. To install your new handle, push the new pin into place and install the handle on the first pin, and then install the second pin into the handle.
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Pump Plunger
Fix Number FIX10240995
Manufacturer Part Number 242J5201
This lantern pump plunger keeps the lantern pressurized. Included with this part is the plunger, one spring clip, one metal cap, one spring, and one clip. Installation is relatively easy and will require needle-nose pliers, oil, and a flathead screwdriver or something similar to pry off the spring clip. This is an OEM part, giving you the peace of mind that it will fit perfectly with your model.
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Drain Assembly - Fits most regular coolers - Drain Nut 1 1/16 in
Fix Number FIX12145270
Manufacturer Part Number 3000005299
This is an authentic drain assembly for a cooler. This part can become scuffed and worn and will require replacement, especially if leaking occurs. It is sold as a kit, which contains three parts. No tools are required for this simple repair. Twist off the old drain assembly by hand. Place the gasket onto the plug and place it into the opening. On the other side of the cooler, place the cap on by threading it into place. The drain nut measures 1-1/16-inches.
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Valve Stem Packing
Fix Number FIX10240875
Manufacturer Part Number 118D6201
Installation Instructions
Karl from FLORENCE, SC
Fuel leaking around valve
The old packing was gone. When I took apart the valve . all u need is a flat screw driver and a
9/16 wrench to fix my Coleman latern.
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Mantles #21 Tiestyle, 4Pk
Fix Number FIX12145267
Manufacturer Part Number 3000004344
This is a pack of four tie-style mantles for a lantern. They produce a bright white light when ignited. They are made out of a woven material and once they are prepared for use, they become very fragile. We suggest always keeping a few extra on-hand. For this quick and easy replacement, slide the new mantle onto the burner, tie and cut the string.
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Mantle - 2 Pack
Fix Number FIX12145268
Manufacturer Part Number 3000004345
This is a set of two OEM authorized mantles for a portable gas lantern. The mantle is what supplies the light and generates a bright, white light when heated by the flame. Mantles are made from a woven material and can become quite fragile with use. They are designed to be easily installed. Place the new mantle on the burner, tie and cut the string and prime the mantle before lighting it.
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Repair Kit
Fix Number FIX11999270
Manufacturer Part Number 5010000539
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Replacement Tent Pole
Fix Number FIX11999276
Manufacturer Part Number 5010000549
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Regulator Assembly - Threaded
Fix Number FIX10241778
Manufacturer Part Number 9942A5251
Frequently referred to as a Gas Valve, Control Valve, or Governor, this Threaded Regulator Assembly is an OEM approved replacement part for various Coleman Grills. To ensure this part is compatible with your grill, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The purpose of this part is to allow only a certain amount of gas to the burners by controlling the gas pressure between the supply and the grill. Over time, the pressure exerted on the regulator tends to cause it to wear out. If your grill is not receiving propane, you are either out of fuel or need to replace the regulator. To replace the regulator no tools are required. Each Regulator is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Gas restriction too great to allow grill to light.
Close propane bottle valve. Unscrew old regulator from back of grill and from hose to propane bottle. Attached new regulator in reverse order of removal. Open bottle valve and test operation. Channel lock pliers may be needed for removal if connections are too tight. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX11999176
Manufacturer Part Number 2000026613

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