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2 Piece Broiler Pan – Part Number: 4396923
2 Piece Broiler Pan
Fix Number FIX971245
Manufacturer Part Number 4396923
The top of this part is now black.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Surface Burner Switch - 240V – Part Number: W11120791
Surface Burner Switch - 240V
Fix Number FIX12347301
Manufacturer Part Number W11120791
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat
Oven is too hot
Will Not Start

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Installation Instructions
Jennifer from Saint Louise, MI says,

Fan did not turn on, switch worn out
Clipped wires off old switch. Attached new wire clips to wires and attached to terminals on new switch. Turned off power first, of course. Works great. Paid for a service call who said couldn't be...read more

Burner Cartridge Terminal Block – Part Number: WPY708730
Burner Cartridge Terminal Block
Fix Number FIX11757594
Manufacturer Part Number WPY708730
This is a burner cartridge terminal block for your range/cooktop. If you are having trouble with your elements heating up, this part may need to be replaced. It does not come with spades or wiring. This part is necessary to connect your house power to your range wire harness. To order the spades or the wiring take note of your appliance and model number, as they vary depending on the unit.
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat

Infinite Switch Grommet – Part Number: WPY706102
Infinite Switch Grommet
Fix Number FIX11757586
Manufacturer Part Number WPY706102
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Grill Element – Part Number: Y04100124
Grill Element
Fix Number FIX2195237
Manufacturer Part Number Y04100124
Fixes these symptoms
Element will not heat

Installation Instructions
nadean from DURANGO, CO says,

Front element heated with both control knobs, rear element inoperative
Reinstalled spade jumper to match the jumper in the old grill element. Also, adjusted element shape slightly to allow plug to fully seat in socket....read more

Fan Control Switch – Part Number: WP74009254
Fan Control Switch
Fix Number FIX11744308
Manufacturer Part Number WP74009254
Fixes these symptoms
Will Not Start

Shunt Clip – Part Number: Y700450
Shunt Clip
Fix Number FIX2201230
Manufacturer Part Number Y700450
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Fan Switch Knob – Part Number: Y706097
Fan Switch Knob
Fix Number FIX2201756
Manufacturer Part Number Y706097
This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Speed Nut – Part Number: Y708862
Speed Nut
Fix Number FIX2201851
Manufacturer Part Number Y708862
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
USE MAC 41001097 – Part Number: WP486754
USE MAC 41001097
Fix Number FIX11742701
Manufacturer Part Number WP486754
Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
No Symptoms for this part
Installation Instructions
Ben from Howell, MI says,

Trash Compactor the drawer was very hard to open
In replacing the old partial rusted drawer slides had rusted screw with nuts that spun had to drill them out and replaced front larger bolt and nut the rear screw used a larger sheet metal screw. Th...read more

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