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Direct Drive Motor Coupling
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Fix Number FIX1485646
Manufacturer Part Number 285753A
This is an OEM direct drive motor coupling, which provides a cushioned connection between the transmission and the motor shaft. This is the newer version of this part, made with new metal sleeves for added strength. It is located between the motor and transmission on direct drive washers with no belt. If the drive system seizes, the coupling is designed to break to prevent the drive motor from damage. Consequently, this part may need to be replaced as your appliance ages. Never overload your washer, as this can speed up its deterioration. Symptoms of a faulty motor coupling include a washer pumping but not spinning, slow spinning, the washer not agitating, and unusual noises. This coupling kit contains all the parts necessary to replace your existing direct drive motor coupling. Please note, that after replacing the motor coupling your washer may smell like burning rubber for the first few uses, this is entirely normal as the part becomes acclimated to the machine. Each is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
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Drain Pump Kit
Fix Number FIX1485610
Manufacturer Part Number 280187
This pump helps expel water from the washing machine and is activated after the spin speed is maintained for a specific period of time. This part is used on front load models.
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Washer Motor Rotor
Fix Number FIX10064560
Manufacturer Part Number W10754161
The motor rotor connects to the spin basket shaft and rotates the spin basket
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2-Speed Drive Motor - 60Hz 120V
Fix Number FIX11743427
Manufacturer Part Number WP661600
The drum is driven directly by the motor, replacing the usual belt or gearbox-driven system which increases efficiency and decreases noise. NOTE: The cardboard is not included with this part.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Burning smell
  • Will not agitate
  • Will not drain
  • See more...
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Direct Drive Heavy Duty Coupling
Fix Number FIX1485647
Manufacturer Part Number 285852A
This coupling kit is used between the motor and the transmission on direct drive heavy duty washers with no belt.
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Washer Drive Motor
Fix Number FIX11770267
Manufacturer Part Number W11026785
The drive motor spins the spin basket and drives the agitator or spin basket in the agitation or tumbling mode.
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Motor Stator Assembly
Fix Number FIX11754517
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10419333
This part acts like an agitator and creates a magnetic field that pushes on the magnets in the rotor to make it move.
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Fix Number FIX993018
Manufacturer Part Number 280146
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Drive Motor
Fix Number FIX11757089
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10677715
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11727863
Manufacturer Part Number W10836348

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