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Fix Number FIX10058954
Manufacturer Part Number FAA31690703
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Fix Number FIX10063179
Manufacturer Part Number FAA31690704
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Fix Number FIX3534421
Manufacturer Part Number FAB30598601
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Clamp Assembly
Fix Number FIX3530864
Manufacturer Part Number ACA56078801
Fixes these symptoms
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Clamp Assembly
Fix Number FIX3517812
Manufacturer Part Number 2W20017E
The door boot seal clamp, also referred to as an outer door gasket clamp, holds the door boot in place in a front-loading washer. If your washer is leaking from the door and there are no signs of damage to the door boot seal, check to ensure that it is securely fastened. If your boot seal clamp is faulty, or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.
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Fix Number FIX3524032
Manufacturer Part Number 4861FR3068A
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX3524224
Manufacturer Part Number 4930FR3040A
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Washing Machine Bolt
Fix Number FIX3522806
Manufacturer Part Number 4011FA4353E
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Locking Pin
Fix Number FIX3523451
Manufacturer Part Number 4774FR3118B
The locking pin is used to hold the shock absorber on the washer. There is a pin used at the bottom and top of the shock absorber. Sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX3534424
Manufacturer Part Number FAF30369201
Fixes these symptoms

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