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Dispenser Drawer Handle Frame - White
Fix Number FIX3492783
Manufacturer Part Number 137314510
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Dispenser Drawer
Fix Number FIX1145699
Manufacturer Part Number 134370000
In Stock
Dispenser Drawer Cover - Bisque
Fix Number FIX1145698
Manufacturer Part Number 134370200
In Stock
Dispenser Actuator
1 Review
Fix Number FIX2349357
Manufacturer Part Number 137006500
In Stock
Detergent Dispenser
Fix Number FIX2358659
Manufacturer Part Number 137143800
In Stock
Dispenser Drawer
Fix Number FIX890616
Manufacturer Part Number 131271910
Fixes these symptoms
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Water Valve and Dispenser Assembly
Fix Number FIX2378371
Manufacturer Part Number 134409320
These valves are where the water supply from the house attach to the washing machine. You connect the hoses to the valve with fill hoses. The fill hoses should have screens installed in them to prevent debris from entering the valve and causing it to stick open or closed. Sometimes these valves are called mixing valves, because they essentially mix the cold and hot water together to create “warm” water. Another common term is water solenoid.
Fix Number FIX2581346
Manufacturer Part Number 134638310
Fix Number FIX3490379
Manufacturer Part Number 134964020
Dispenser Drawer Handle - Black
Fix Number FIX1524651
Manufacturer Part Number 134798060

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