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Halogen Lamp - 50W
Fix Number FIX2339783
Manufacturer Part Number WB08X10057
Lamp also known as light bulb. Sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
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Light Cover
Fix Number FIX247415
Manufacturer Part Number WB36X192
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Oven Light Housing
Fix Number FIX230438
Manufacturer Part Number WB08T10002
Must buy bulb locally as per manufacturer.
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Oven Bulb Lens Cover - Glass
1 Review
Fix Number FIX237483
Manufacturer Part Number WB25T10002
This part is the replacement oven bulb lens cover. It is made of glass and is approximately 3 inches in diameter. The lens cover is rigid and protects the oven light bulb from being damaged. The main reason to replace the oven bulb lens cover is if it is cracked, damaged, or missing. Be sure that the lens cover is cool to the touch before you begin this repair. To remove the lens cover simply turn it counterclockwise until you can remove it. Replace it with a new cover and turn it clockwise to lock it into place. This is an OEM part sourced from the manufacturer, and it is sold individually.
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Halogen Bulb - 20W - 12V
Fix Number FIX951718
Manufacturer Part Number WB01X10239
Sold Individually.
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Fix Number FIX8754479
Manufacturer Part Number WB25T10102
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Halogen Lamp - 35 Watt
Fix Number FIX230456
Manufacturer Part Number WB08T10023
This halogen lamp bulb is a genuine OEM replacement part for your oven. If the light has burned out in your oven, replace it with this part. This is a 35 watt bulb. Replacing this bulb is fairly easy but will require pulling the oven out from the wall. Make sure to shut off power to the unit before beginning this repair.
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Fix Number FIX1018917
Manufacturer Part Number WB25T10064
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Light Lens
Fix Number FIX1015754
Manufacturer Part Number WB25T10042
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Snap-In Lens
Fix Number FIX237500
Manufacturer Part Number WB25T10022

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