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Overlay - Black
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX2370149
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T11229
NOTE: This overlay is for retrofitted models only.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX953794
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T10589
In Stock
Fix Number FIX2370153
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T11233
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Electronic Clock Oven Control
Fix Number FIX773585
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T10411
Please note: With this control the wiring could be differ from the original. It will possibly need to be installed by an appliance repair person.
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Electronic Clock and Timer Kit
Fix Number FIX233996
Manufacturer Part Number WB19X10006
This electronic clock replaces the mechanical clocks with a more reliable digital timer. As per the manufacturer, this part should be installed by appliance repair person.
Fixes these symptoms
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Range Oven Control Board
Fix Number FIX2370097
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T11161
Oven control board monitors the temperature and controls the oven heat.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX2370151
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T11231
Special Order
Oven Control Board
Fix Number FIX1517475
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T10919
Special Order
Fix Number FIX8754573
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T11459
Special Order
Electronic Control Board
Fix Number FIX1481140
Manufacturer Part Number WB27T10800

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