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Inner Oven Door Glass Panel
Fix Number FIX438400
Manufacturer Part Number 316088600
This part is the replacement inner oven door glass for your oven. It is made of glass and is approximately 16 inches wide and 7 inches long. The oven door glass allows you to see inside the oven when the door is closed. The main reason to replace the inner oven door glass is if the old glass is cracked, broken, or missing. This part is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Inner Glass
Fix Number FIX1765366
Manufacturer Part Number 318212210
In Stock
Outer Oven Door Glass
Fix Number FIX977731
Manufacturer Part Number 316406404
In Stock
Exterior Door Glass
Fix Number FIX977730
Manufacturer Part Number 316406403
White in color.
Special Order
Inner Door Glass
Fix Number FIX439978
Manufacturer Part Number 316237100
Special Order
Outer Door Glass with Foil Tape
Fix Number FIX470236
Manufacturer Part Number 5303935203
In Stock
Oven Door Glass Panel
Fix Number FIX438402
Manufacturer Part Number 316088700
This oven door glass panel is the first glass located behind the front oven door glass.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10057263
Manufacturer Part Number 316402005
Inner Oven Door Glass
Fix Number FIX439086
Manufacturer Part Number 316117500
This is an inner oven glass door for your range. It is a transparent sheet of glass that will contain the heat in your unit. Before replacing it, make sure your appliance is turned off, unplugged, and cool to the touch. This part is sold individually, and contains only the glass panel. It is approximately 20 inches by 13 inches.

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