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Drive Motor with Pulley
Fix Number FIX334304
Manufacturer Part Number 279827
This motor fits most Whirlpool incorporated dryer brands before 1996. NOTE: Pulley is NOT available separately.
Fixes these symptoms
  • No heat or not enough heat
  • Noisy
  • Shuts off too soon
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Range Convection Fan Motor
Fix Number FIX11720787
Manufacturer Part Number DG96-00110E
The convection fan motor spins the fan blade to circulate hot air through the oven for even heating.
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Motor, AC Synchronous
Fix Number FIX3529216
Manufacturer Part Number 6549W1S013H
Fixes these symptoms
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Convection Fan Motor Assembly
Fix Number FIX11742566
Manufacturer Part Number WP4451583
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Blower Motor Assembly
Fix Number FIX11747998
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10016550
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Fix Number FIX2370063
Manufacturer Part Number WB26X10233
Fixes these symptoms
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2-Speed Drive Motor with Jumper Wire
Fix Number FIX2003770
Manufacturer Part Number 12002353
This two speed split phase washing machine motor performs 1725 revolutions per minute in one speed and 1140 revolutions per minute in the other speed. This motor runs at 1/2 horsepower and it carries 8.0 amps. It's a good idea to change your washer's belts at the same time as you replace this motor, as they may have become worn as well.
Fixes these symptoms
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Cooling Fan Motor
Fix Number FIX2582194
Manufacturer Part Number 318575600
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Fix Number FIX8692143
Manufacturer Part Number 318575612
Oven Door Latch Motor and Switch
Fix Number FIX1528424
Manufacturer Part Number 316464300