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Fix Number FIX11725207
Manufacturer Part Number WB31X24738
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Grate Insert - Black
Fix Number FIX11747321
Manufacturer Part Number WP9761557CB
Sold individually. This surface burner grate is for ranges. Surface burner grate provides a stable surface for cookware on the surface burner. Wait until the surface is cool to the touch before installing this part.
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Grate Kit
Fix Number FIX11754863
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10447925
This kit includes 4 black burner grates.
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Center Burner Grate - Black
Fix Number FIX11762590
Manufacturer Part Number WB31X27150
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Fix Number FIX11770807
Manufacturer Part Number A00263801
This surface burner grate set is for ranges. The surface burner grate set provides a stable surface for cookware on the surface burner.
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Fix Number FIX244182
Manufacturer Part Number WB31K10016
Sold individually. Must order quantity needed.
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Fix Number FIX9494601
Manufacturer Part Number W10432544
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Gas Burner Grate Kit
Fix Number FIX2003074
Manufacturer Part Number 12001481
This matte black grate kit comes with two gas burner grates.
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Fix Number FIX2321577
Manufacturer Part Number WB31K10220
This part sits on top of the elements or cooktop that you already have and warms or cooks your food.
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Burner Grate Kit - Black
Fix Number FIX11751457
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10268483
Includes all 4 burner grates.