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Burner Cap - Black
Fix Number FIX11747514
Manufacturer Part Number WP98017461
Sold individually.
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Pilot with Thermocouple
Fix Number FIX11750349
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10206112
The pilot stays lit all the time and, when the oven is turned on, the flame gets bigger and surrounds the thermocouple. When the thermocouple senses the required heat, the safety valve opens to let the gas flow to the oven burner tube where the pilot flame ignites the gas.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Gas igniter glows, but will not light
  • Little to no heat when baking
  • Will Not Start
  • See more...
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Burner Cap - Small
Fix Number FIX11740923
Manufacturer Part Number WP3191898
Sold individually.
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Burner Tube - Right Front
Fix Number FIX11747519
Manufacturer Part Number WP98017582
Also called Venturi Tube.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Orifice - 9.5K - Right Front - Left Rear
Fix Number FIX11749491
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10170508
Sold individually.
In Stock
Burner Valve - LF, RF, RR, Liner OR lower
Fix Number FIX11748993
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10141709
Sold individually.
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Burner Cap - Black - Right Rear
Fix Number FIX11749472
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10169985
In Stock
Gas Valve - 60Hz
Fix Number FIX11747502
Manufacturer Part Number WP98014893
This part makes sure that no gas is released until the igniter gets enough power to ignite the gas range.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Burner Cap - Medium
Fix Number FIX11740926
Manufacturer Part Number WP3191901
Sold individually.
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LP Orifice Kit (For Use With L
1 Review
Fix Number FIX11748022
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10032030

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