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Surface Burner Element Switch, Large Burner
Fix Number FIX11740783
Manufacturer Part Number WP3149400
If the large surface burner on your range will not heat up, you may need to replace the switch. This genuine OEM switch is used to control the temperature of the large 8-inch burner, along with turning it on and off. Please be sure to disconnect the power supply to your range before beginning this repair, as you will be working with electrical components. When replacing the switch, the electrical harness features slip-on terminals for easy installation and connections to the switch. You should examine the terminals for signs of arcing or corrosion. If these signs are present, the terminals will need to be replaced as well. The shaft for the burner knob may be longer than the switch you just removed, but you will be able to remove the excess length by using a pair of pliers. If you also need to replace the knob used to turn the switch, it can be purchased separately.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Oven is too hot
  • Will not program
  • See more...
In Stock
Infinite Switch - 8 Inch
Fix Number FIX11740775
Manufacturer Part Number WP3148953
This switch controls the stovetop surface burner. This surface element control switch is for ranges. Surface element control switch turns the surface element on and off and controls how much heat the element produces. Unplug the range or shut off the house circuit breaker for the range before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
Fixes these symptoms
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Infinite Control Switch, 6"
Fix Number FIX11740785
Manufacturer Part Number WP3149404
This switch controls the stove top 6" surface burner.
Fixes these symptoms
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Infinite Switch - 6 Inch
Fix Number FIX11740774
Manufacturer Part Number WP3148952
This part carries 5.2-6.6 amps.
Fixes these symptoms
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Simmer Switch
Fix Number FIX11749317
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10163899
This part controls how much heat is produced and turns the burner on and off.
Fixes these symptoms
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Rocker Switch - Black
Fix Number FIX11742364
Manufacturer Part Number WP4314961
This rocker switch can be used for both the oven selector and/or the oven light.
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Oven Selector Switch
Fix Number FIX11740883
Manufacturer Part Number WP3188987
This part allows you to select the bake or broil function for your oven.
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Infinite Burner Switch - Large Element
Fix Number FIX11747119
Manufacturer Part Number WP9750641
This switch controls the stove top surface burner.
Fixes these symptoms
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Oven Temperature Switch - 240V
Fix Number FIX11747359
Manufacturer Part Number WP9762215
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Wiring Harness
Fix Number FIX11752276
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10295998

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