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Natural Gas to Liquid Propane Conversion Kit
Fix Number FIX2351422
Manufacturer Part Number GRLP3
This kit is used to convert your appliance to liquid propane.
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Left Front Orifice - 9.5K
Fix Number FIX2332664
Manufacturer Part Number 316527500
In Stock
Right Rear Orifice
Fix Number FIX2349573
Manufacturer Part Number 316527504
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Front Burner Igniter/Orifice Assembly
Fix Number FIX2332312
Manufacturer Part Number 316237805
This igniter and orifice assembly is a legitimate OEM replacement part for your gas stove, and includes the igniter, orifice assembly, and gas tube. This part may need replacing if the igniter fails or the tube is leaking gas. It is a very easy repair. Remove the grates and burners from the range. Unscrew the existing assemblies and pry off the cooktop. Locate the assembly you are replacing and undo the nut holding it in place. Pull out the igniter wire by hand, and install the new one, replacing the rest of the parts in reverse order.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Gas igniter glows, but will not light
  • Will Not Start
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Sealed Burner Head - 14k
Fix Number FIX820297
Manufacturer Part Number 316223400
Fixes these symptoms
  • Gas igniter glows, but will not light
  • Will Not Start
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In Stock
Medium Burner - 9.5K
Fix Number FIX439737
Manufacturer Part Number 316212400
In Stock
Burner Orifice - 14K
Fix Number FIX2364101
Manufacturer Part Number 316527511
In Stock
Sealed Burner - 9.5K
Fix Number FIX2364157
Manufacturer Part Number 316558300
On Order
Fix Number FIX5136194
Manufacturer Part Number 316031501
Pressure Regulator
Fix Number FIX438464
Manufacturer Part Number 316091706
This valve automatically cuts off the flow of gas at a certain pressure.

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