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Inner Door Glass
3 Reviews
Fix Number FIX11742543
Manufacturer Part Number WP4449259
The glass panel on the door of your range allows you to see your food as it is being cooked in the oven. If it has become damaged, broken, or so grimy that it is beyond cleaning, it should be replaced. This is a genuine OEM heat resistant panel that measures approximately 10 inches by 20 inches. It is the innermost glass panel on the door and is sold individually. When replacing this panel, please be sure to wear proper protection such as gloves in case any glass breaks. Always be sure to disconnect the power supply to your range and ensure that it is cool to the touch before starting the repair.
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Range Inner Door Glass
Fix Number FIX11747420
Manufacturer Part Number WP9781593
Glass only. This inner door glass is used in ranges. It creates a transparent heat barrier inside your oven door.
Fixes these symptoms
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Inner Door Glass Pane
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX2081701
Manufacturer Part Number 74003645
Glass only.
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Black Exterior Door Glass
Fix Number FIX11756070
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10535776
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Exterior Oven Door Glass - Black
Fix Number FIX1019787
Manufacturer Part Number WB56T10179
This is just the outer glass and NOT the complete door assembly.
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Inner Oven Door Glass
Fix Number FIX11742540
Manufacturer Part Number WP4449247
This is the inner most piece of glass.
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Inner Oven Door Glass
Fix Number FIX11744843
Manufacturer Part Number WP8053948
This is the innermost piece of glass on your door.
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Outer Door Glass - White
Fix Number FIX11754379
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10409945
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Window Pack Assembly
1 Review
Fix Number FIX9493039
Manufacturer Part Number WB56X22160
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Outer Oven Door Glass - Black
Fix Number FIX11754380
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10409946