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Temperature Sensor
Fix Number FIX820208
Manufacturer Part Number 316217002
This is a temperature sensor for a range. The sensor is what detects the temperature inside the oven and is often replaced when the oven is having heating issues. Please note that the wire connector may be different from the original; if this applies to your part, cut the quick connect and wire together with porcelain wire nuts. For this DIY repair, you will need a Number 2 Phillips or Number 2 square-head screwdriver and possibly wire strippers. Make sure to disconnect the power before installing this part. You will need to pull the range from the cabinet to gain access to this part from the back of the unit.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Element will not heat
  • Little to no heat when baking
  • Oven is too hot
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Temperature Probe
Fix Number FIX11747165
Manufacturer Part Number WP9755542
Also known as a meat probe.
Fixes these symptoms
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Oven Sensor
Fix Number FIX11744233
Manufacturer Part Number WP74008369
This sensor detects the temperature within the oven cavity.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Little to no heat when baking
  • Oven not heating evenly
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Fix Number FIX11731446
Manufacturer Part Number W10859573
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Fix Number FIX10057828
Manufacturer Part Number 00630873
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Fix Number FIX8729847
Manufacturer Part Number 00642855
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Sensor Assembly
Fix Number FIX3529192
Manufacturer Part Number 6501W1A013A
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Fix Number FIX9495617
Manufacturer Part Number 00755060
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Single Flame Sensor
Fix Number FIX239604
Manufacturer Part Number WB27X10461
Sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX979621
Manufacturer Part Number 5304440785