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Heat Resistant Adhesive
Fix Number FIX11728058
Manufacturer Part Number W10841140
This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. This white silicone adhesive caulk is commonly used on ranges, microwaves, and cooktops. This adhesive sealant works to form a bond between the components of your appliance. Most often this adhesive is used with gaskets, with felt seals, and with rubber feet. Due to varied uses on a number of appliances we recommend you refer to model specific diagrams for appropriate applications. This is a three-ounce tube of sealant; it is sold individually.
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Gregory from Steamboat Springs, CO
door leaked
made the repairs still leaked. Door removal is way more difficult than expected. Called a repairman Read more...
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Light Bulb - 120V 25W
Fix Number FIX11747806
Manufacturer Part Number WPA3073101
This 25-watt light bulb is a genuine OEM replacement part for a variety of appliances. The 120-volt incandescent bulb has a screw-in base and is used to light up the appliance when the door is opened. If the bulb has burnt out or is broken, it should be replaced. The light bulb is sold individually, but we recommend keeping spares on hand.
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Microwave Line Fuse
Fix Number FIX11747932
Manufacturer Part Number WPM0805102
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Ceramic Fuse - 20 amp
Fix Number FIX11747931
Manufacturer Part Number WPM0805101
This is a ceramic fuse for a microwave. It is just over 1 inch long. This fuse is 20 amps and 250 volts. This part powers your microwave. If your appliance is not heating properly, or is not turning on, you will need to replace this part. Before making any repairs to the microwave, make sure it is unplugged and the capacitor is discharged. Capacitors can store large amounts of electricity for long periods of time. Proceed with caution.
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Hex Nut
Fix Number FIX11742711
Manufacturer Part Number WP488130
Part may differ in appearance, but functions same as original.
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Fix Number FIX11738693
Manufacturer Part Number WP13091701
This part is also known as a rectifier.
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Special Order
Fix Number FIX11743499
Manufacturer Part Number WP67002552
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Black Sleeve Diode
Fix Number FIX11747959
Manufacturer Part Number WPR9800486
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Donald L from Coshocton, OH
Cracked Glass Cooking Tray & Destroyed Support Device.
Replace required parts and light bulbs.
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Glass Cooking Tray
Fix Number FIX11744901
Manufacturer Part Number WP8172138
This tray rotates in your microwave ensuring more even temperatures.
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Installation Instructions
Charles from Fairburn, GA
Microwave died. No noise to indicate it was going bad, just would work off and on till it finally quit
Removed microwave from it's position above the oven. Opened case. Diode right there on the bottom left connected to the case with a screw and the capacitor with a plug. Remove old and install new. Pay attention to which side of the capacitor the diode is attached. I think the left lugs, but make sure. Replace this part before you order the capacitor. As it said on the web site - this part fixes 99% of the problems. No need for the capacitor unless this diode does not do the job on it's own. Replace covers before testing. It helps to have two people getting the microwave in and out of it's place. Also, you have to bend down the ends of the track the microwaves legs are in, then bend them back when reinstalling the unit. Getting it in and out is the hardest part of the repair. :-) Read more...

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