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Vent Grille - Black
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Fix Number FIX3535252
Manufacturer Part Number MDX61912701
If the vent grille for your microwave has become broken or damaged, this is a genuine OEM replacement part. The vent grille is made of black plastic and measures approximately 24 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. Depending on your model of microwave, the vent grille may be found either above or below the door. This part is used to allow the microwave to vent while it is running. Common reasons you may need to replace this part is if the mounting brackets have broken, or the vent grille itself has cracked or become discolored.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX3628641
Manufacturer Part Number MDX61912702
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Microwave Vent Grille
Fix Number FIX12078122
Manufacturer Part Number AEB73765603
The vent grille covers components inside the microwave while allowing airflow through the slats.
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Fix Number FIX3519287
Manufacturer Part Number 3530W0A055B
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Fix Number FIX3628643
Manufacturer Part Number MDX61914501
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Fix Number FIX3628644
Manufacturer Part Number MDX61914502

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